Three experts dressed in casual workwear for men. They inspect a commercial building construction site.

Good safety practices at any place of work are essential to keeping workers protected and operations flowing. 

But while OSHA protections are a great safety net framework, worker safety can begin with more humble decisions. The U.S. Department of Labor has an entire document dedicated to safe work attire

Choices about what we wear (and what we don’t) can have a large impact on our safety in the workplace. And this is doubly true for any job in which safety is a minute-to-minute affair. 

Consider how 25% of those in blue collar jobs become disabled before their retirement age. More than anything, safety-conscious men's workwear isn’t just about following OSHA rules. It is about protecting one’s self from a life-altering accident. 

In this explainer, we will cover some of the considerations for why safe men’s workwear is so important. By the end of this article, we’re sure you’ll agree that safe men's workwear is good men's workwear. 

Common Men’s Workwear Brands 

Many mens workwear brands are celebrated for being both safe and stylish. Many commonly-worn brands include: 

  • Camber 
  • Carhartt 
  • Dickies 
  • Union Line 
  • And more. 

Safe Men’s Workwear by Industry

Men’s Workwear in Construction 

The humble construction site comes with many risks to one’s personal safety. While large incidents may capture media attention, smaller issues abound. The fact of the matter is construction sites are rife with smaller risks that can still do immense damage to unprotected workers. 

Consider how many nails and screws litter the ground of a common construction site. Improper footwear may result in one of those nails driving into your foot when stepped on. But with workwear for men that has been designed for safety, the nail cannot penetrate. 

The same is true for the flying bits of metal and sparks that often pepper a construction site. While safety goggles and helmets protect our heads, safe men's workwear can protect our appendages. Thick material shirts and pants can help protect from cuts, scrapes, burns, and more. Proper fits ensure a worker’s clothing won’t get caught, snagged, or pulled when on the job. 

Men’s Workwear in Medicine 

While you may not think of a hospital as an inherently dangerous place when compared with a construction site, you would be wrong. 

Exposure to bodily fluids, diseases, and more abound in this workplace setting. Moreover, medical and dental staff regularly interface with patients in close proximity. This means loose or improper clothing may impede the medical procedure at hand. 

Medical professionals also need to consider how their clothing is cleaned at the end of the day. A medical worker should not re-wear their work clothing after interacting with patients. As such, an easy-to-clean men's workwear style is essential to keeping patients and workers safe. 

Men’s Workwear in Food Service 

Kitchens are inherently dangerous spaces. The fire, boiling waters, and oils, and knives make for workplaces in which safety is of the utmost importance. While these spaces tend to be more casual about what is or isn’t appropriate, smart clothing choices are still key. 

The good news is safe casual workwear for men's options still abound. Thick, breathable materials are available. And close-fitting styles can avoid draping in food or fire while still providing an eye-turning style. 

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