7 Reasons to Buy American Made

More and more businesses have now mandated an "American Made" sourcing policy for everything from the kitchen utensils in the break room to the polo shirts for the sales teams and work wear for the service teams.  10 years ago it was only unions, trade organizations, and municipalities adhering to the strict USA Made policy.  Nowadays, it's everyone from the local coffee shop to the large industrial parts suppliers and everything in between.  From our perspective, there are a million reasons why you should buy American Made, but we're biased, we've been doing this for nearly 50 years.  So don't take our word for it, here are the top 7 reasons why our customers will tell you it's important to buy American made every chance you get.

(1) Pride.

"Our customers feel a sense of pride in working with us when they know we go out of our way to source all of our sales and service personnel with USA made shirts, jackets, work vests, and hats."

~ Sergio F.  A large new and used car dealership chain in the Northeast.

(2) Jobs.

"It should seem rather obvious, but if we're buying American made products, we're helping to support our customers.  It's one big circle and we recognize our important role in helping the economy.  American made products help keep jobs here in America."

~ Tara O.  Large Midwest construction and consulting firm.

(3) Quality.

"We choose American made for a variety of reasons but number one is the American made clothing we buy is far superior to inferior foreign-made clothing."

~ Spencer P.  Small chain of coffee shops and deli restaurants in California.

(4) Labor Practices.

"Just like with environmental practices, many countries do not have labor laws in place the ensure safe working conditions.  If we buy cheap foreign made clothing we're basically supporting everything from unsafe work environments to child labor practices.  As a company, we won't stand for that."

~ Rhonda J.  Large municipality in Illinois.

(5) Cost.

"We were surprised to see the price of inferior foreign made shirts go up while the price of better quality American made shirts come down.  In the past, there used to be such a large discrepancy.  It's different nowadays, American made fits within our budgets and we're able to get the shirts quickly where in the past we'd have to wait at least six weeks."

~ Joel L.  Large insurance provider in Michigan.

(6) The Environment.

"For us, purchasing U.S. made products just makes environmental sense and we're in the business of managing large scale landscaping projects for Fortune 500 businesses.  U.S. made products simply carry a much smaller carbon footprint."

~ Jamie T.  Large landscaping enterprise in the Southeast.

(7) The Economy.

"We like to think that buying American made goods doesn't just support the American worker but that those benefits also ripple throughout the entire economy."

~ Andy B.  Small chain of computer repair centers in Arizona.

This only scratches the surface of how our customers feel when they buy from us.  We recognize it probably isn't possible for everything you source to made in the U.S.A.  Some types of products are harder to find than others and while in most categories there seems to be parity when it comes to costs, we know it's not that way in every category.  But in other cases, like American made clothing, the choice is easy.  

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